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Swiss Printing Doctor Blades for
Flexo & Rotogravure.


ECOGRAPH AG is a Swiss company
specialised in manufacturing high quality Printing Doctor Blades.

Located about 60 km from Zurich,
the technological & manufacturing heart of
Switzerland, we self engineered and created
all our mechanical & chemical production lines
which allow us to achieve an uncomparable
quality for our Printing Doctor Blades.

Experienced staff including mechanical & chemical engineers
keep quality consistency at the top possible
level by continuously developing new solutions
for worldwide printers’ highest expectations.

Edge Finishing & Profiles


At Ecograph AG we developed the unique “Cross Grinding Technology”. This technology allows to manufacture lamella & bevel edges with the finest surface finishing.
With Ecograph’s Cross Grinding Technology CGT the ground edge surface is smooth & totally “marks free”.
Grinding marks (parallel or transversal) are causing faster blade wear and originate blade cracks.
The CGT super smooth “silver like” Ecograph’s edge eliminates such marks granting the most consistent printing quality & the longest blade life.

Cost savings

• Longer service life
• Less waste
• Less problems
• Lower costs

Conventional solutions:

The dynamic zone
Sharp edges in the dynamic zone causes the breakage of the doctor blade.





Grinding pattern
Doctor blades with longitudinal grinding pattern are exposed to break where the longitudinal streaks overlap with the crystalline lines of fracture.





Unlapped doctor blades negatively influence the function during the start-up of printing job (waste of printing substrate).

ECOGRAPH solutions:

The dynamic zone
The lamella parallel zone  endsin a smooth radius to the full thickness base material.





Grinding pattern
The fine cross grinding pattern of ECOGRAPH Doctor Blades results into the best possible surface quality of the lamella.





ECOGRAPH Doctor Blades have lapped lamella tips. With the use of especially fine lapped edge the doctor blade wipes the cylinder 100% clean from the first meters of each printing job.












PreciSwiss 1

  • SUPERIOR Quality Carbon Swedish Steel
  • PURE Chemical Composition
  • STRICT Straightness Tolerance
  • FINE Structure
  • CONSISTENT Hardening

PreciSwiss 2

  • CHROME Added Carbon Swedish Steel
  • ENRICHED Chemical Composition
  • HIGHER Wear Resistance (flexo)


  • SUPER Refined Swedish Carbon Steel
  • PECULIAR Steel Metallurgical Structure
  • MINIMAL Carbides Size & High Carbide Dispersion
  • HIGHER Wear Resistance (rotogravure)


  • SUPER Lasting High Alloyed Swedish Steel
  • SPECIALLY Enriched Chemical Composition
  • EXTREMELY High Wear Resistance (flexo & rotogravure)


  • FINE Stainless Swedish Steel
  • FULL Oxydation & Corrosion resistance
  • HIGH Wear Resistance


  • Polyester & Polyethilene Blades
  • FAST Adaptability
  • PROPER Ink Chamber Sealing (as flexo containment blade)



Oberrütelistrasse, 13 - CH-8753 Mollis - SWITZERLAND
Phone +41 556185070 - Fax +41 556185078 -